- 25.05.2017

Nach den Sternen kam das Nichts - Piano Works 2017 NEW

After my track The Chapter of J. is this my first offical song in 2017 and maybe the last one from me. I have no more strength and I miss the inspiration for future music because I lost that which gave me this strength.I'm sorry to say that, but sometime comes an end and I believe I have reached mine. I thank you all so much for all the support and your Faith in my Music for all the last years! Keep good music alive, your Schluppi



- 11.03.2016

The Chapter Of J. - Piano Works 2016. NEW

After a long time I sign me back., With a song that I have written for someone who has changed my life who showed me what is important, what love means and with whom I want to be to the end of the world together. It is my own history and my most emotional piece of music ... Thanks there you is my darling. FREE DOWNLOAD in the PIANO Works Area!





- 07.09.2011

Brief an die Erinnerung - Piano Works 2011. NEW Piano Works Track is online and for free! The Song is called "Brief an die Erinnerung" and is a thank you to the wonderful experiences and encounters of this summer. Free download @ the Piano Works. Big Thanks to Lina & Marc.

Enjoy it :)









- 25.06.2011

The Missing Part II - The Return coming soon July/August. It will be the Summer Track of 2011 from SFOB Speedcore Front Ost Berlin :) here i creating the melody for the second Part. It´s NOT mastered, not synchronized and NOT the final Track you will hear only some ideas with FREE Improvisation ;) The Missing II - The Return..COMING SOON...




































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